Monday, December 11, 2006

HYIP Money


The latest craze on HYIP (High Yield Investment Plan) is SwissCash, that promise a 300% investment return in 15 months. Unbelievable but it is true even the license banks are loosing out to this investment scheme.

Have to give the guys that dreamed up this HYIP (High Yield Investment Plan) Internet scheme the thumbs up. It has an unbelievable number of investors that up in the thousand, if not hundred of thousand.

The guys not only manage to get investors to part with their money but yet put their money on an online account call e-gold. Great idea as this create a lop hole in the banking system that allow money being transfer as gold. The investor actually does not even see the gold!!!!!

If you were search the Internet for HYIP (High Yield Investment Plan) you would find thousand of this kind of scheme on the net and the numbers are growing. Some of the investment schemes even promise a return of up to 500% of investment in 1 week. This will surely give the commercial and online bank the run for their money.

How can it be that a legit commercial bank loose out to a simple online investment scheme? Well for one, the promise return from the investment that is higher that any commercial bank can offer. As SwissCash promise their investors 300% return in 15 months, no bank can offer this.

If you were to look at the HYIP (High Yield Investment Plan) they do not offer any security to the money that is invested in their scheme, investors or members are only given a log in name or sign up name and password account. Strange thing is that they don’t have any document as proof of investment. Again yet there are many online user that invested their money on this scheme.

Some of the HYIP (High Yield Investment Plan) do live up to their promise of high % return. But how long can the scheme sustain the high pay out? HYIP (High Yield Investment Plan) sustain itself by inviting more investors or members to their scheme as to maintain a pool of money to pay earlier investor. The more investments come in the better the scheme will look.

So invest wisely on the scheme, the money is there just you need to study the plan and timing is extremely crucial.


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